Products Developed by Eugene

Ever since I discovered my super powers (you know what they are) I’ve been busy developing innovative (imho) products and solutions.


I’m proud of all my babies, but Memorable is my favorite child. It’s the passion that has driven me for 14 years, the reason I’ve committed to a single industry for so long (plus I’m good at it), and it’s one of the most satisfying jobs one lucky person could dream of.

The vision for Memorable is simple: all photos+videos in a single online home. We’ve built out the most comprehensive timeline ever and combined it with amazing features for sharing, organization, and editing. The future is very promising with many new exciting developments in the works.

Video Archive Curator – Harvard

Signing a long-term contract as Harvard’s digitization and cloud provider has been one of the proudest accomplishments of my career. The privilege of preserving one of the most esteemed institutions of our times athletic legacy, which includes future presidents, Hollywood stars, and visionaries of industry is truly humbling and an honor I will cherish forever.

Eugene Gekhter

Digitization Partner, Application Architect and Developer


SharePay® transforms e-commerce by allowing customers to buy any product online with multiple people. Want to buy a TV with 3 roommates but do not want to foot the entire bill yourself? Check. How about a really nice wedding present (like $1000) between 10 friends? Easy-peasy.

Any site that offers SharePay at checkout allows anything to be purchased online with multiple people. A lot of people compare it to Venmo but it’s not, with Venmo someone has to pay for 100%, then carry anxiety until everyone pays them back.

So then, there are probably a lot of questions. Why did I develop it? why am I not doing anything with it? why has nobody else solved this problem? I know, I know, I know.

Eugene Gekhter

Architect and Developer